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Career and Technical Education

In today's challenging job environment, it is more critical than ever before that our young people complete their high school education with strong academic and technical skills that prepare them for college-level studies and successful careers.  We believe this foundation will allow them to succeed personally and also make a valuable contribution to an innovative and competitive Pennsylvania economy. Building this foundation is what the new Pennsylvania Career and Technical Education (CTE) system is all about.  CTE in Pennsylvania is designed to meet a dual mission -- developing students with College Readiness skills AND a Career Path. CTE is no longer an either/or choice, but a "BOTH/AND" opportunity for student success.

At over 80 career and technology centers (CTCs) and over 120 school districts offering Pennsylvania Department of Education approved career and technical education throughout the Commonwealth, career and technical education programs are built around high expectations for student learning.  These expectations include the development of strong reading, writing, numeracy, problem solving, and teamwork skills, in addition to the practical and tangible career skills that motivate students and help them develop a career path for future education and work. Career and Technical Education Booklet

There are numerous resources that are available to students, teachers, administrators, business partners and parents on this website.   Pennsylvania Career & Technical Education: College & Career Pathways for the 21st Century (PDF)
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