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Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  
You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions:

Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Melissa S Bonkoski 11/16/201711/16/2017Immediate Suspension
Angela M Singer 11/16/201711/16/2017Immediate Suspension
Cody Floyd 11/16/201711/16/2017Immediate Suspension
William J Morosetti 10/25/201710/25/2017Revoked
Arthur E Phillips 10/24/201710/24/2017Immediate Suspension
Randi L Zurenko 10/24/201710/24/2017Immediate Suspension
Twila J Palmer 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Rose M LiMuli 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Kenneth C Wochley 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Stephen J Budd 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Victor M Holladay 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Nicholas A Oaster 10/24/201710/24/2017Immediate Suspension
Stephanie M Amato 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Frank J Michaels 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Bruce W Bates 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
William J Nickerson 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Andrew W Monath 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Kyle S Askins 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Barbara A Reusing 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Jonathan Mikesell 10/24/201710/24/2017Retroactive suspension effective from October 22, 2015 through November 4, 2015.
Jeffrey Zeltt 10/24/201710/24/2017Revocation
Paul A Kennedy 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Angela Grimes 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Ronald Viglone 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Jennifer A Havrilesko 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Nina Scott 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Elizabeth Pearce 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Lisa E Kelly 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Gregg E Choder 10/24/201710/24/2017Surrender
Herbert H Holsberg 10/24/201710/24/2017Unknown
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