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Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  
You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions:

Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Andrea G Lanyon 2/9/20172/9/2017Suspended 90 days, from February 9, 2017 – May 9, 2017, with reinstatement contingent upon satisfactory completion of an approved boundary/ethics course.
Randi L Zurenko 2/9/20172/9/2017Immediate Suspension
Alfonzo M Deiuliis 2/9/20172/9/2017Revocation
Adam P Deutsch 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Stephanie F Luckey 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Dana Morgan-Buck 2/9/20172/9/2017Indefinite Suspension
Andrew Kirsch 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Gary Robinson 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Brian Kopp 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Matthew Walker 2/9/20172/9/2017Revocation
Sean Patrick 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Brian Collins 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Robert Vozniak 2/9/20172/9/2017Surrender
Kelly Lee Held 2/9/20172/9/2017Public Reprimand
Heather L Duer 12/30/201612/30/2016Suspension
Aaron Yungwirth 12/9/20162/23/2017Suspension Lifted
Joshua Krummenoehl 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
James McCreary 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Leann K. Nyce 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Kristin Gessler 11/30/201611/30/2016Revocation
Vincent Pettinelli 11/30/201611/30/2016Revocation
Ashleigh Fox 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Colleen McGarry 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Mark Thomas 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Jonathan Brecht 11/30/201611/30/2016Revocation
Jason Gattuso 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Charles L Farance Jr11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Mattie J. Evans 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
Deborah Frace 11/30/201611/30/2016Reprimand
Joshua R Springer 11/30/201611/30/2016Surrender
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