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Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  
You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions:

Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Danielle N Anderson 10/26/201610/26/2016Immediate Suspension
Thomas W Rennie 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Palmer F Sabatine 10/26/201610/26/2016Revocation
Michael A Kelly 10/26/201610/26/2016Revocation
Joshua A Mohlmann 10/26/201610/26/2016Immediate Suspension
Ronald K Grace 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Cheryl L Saxman 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Barbara L McCreery 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrendered
Evelyn Cortez 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrendered
Rita A Wyszynski 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrendered
Kelly Aldinger 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Edward J Docalovich 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Steven Berwager 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Joseph Kosmal 10/26/201610/26/2016Surrender
Ashley Lynn Coates 10/26/201610/26/2016Public Reprimand
Stephen Martin 10/26/201610/26/2016Suspension
Erika Gallagher 10/26/201610/26/2016Public Reprimand
Tami M LaRoche 10/26/201610/26/2016Public Reprimand
Melissa A Brindisi 10/24/201610/24/2016Suspension Lifted
Scott C Frazier 8/24/20168/24/2016Reinstated
Rose M LiMuli 8/18/20168/18/2016Immediate Suspension
Jonathan Kanter 8/18/20168/18/2016Immediate Suspension
Steven Burdan 8/18/20168/18/2016Immediate Suspension
Maria Chappell 8/18/20168/18/2016Immediate Suspension
Gregory Stanczuk 8/4/20168/4/2016Surrender
William Baldwin 8/4/20168/4/2016Revocation
Darnell J Coleman 8/4/20168/4/2016Surrender
Daniel C Bradley 8/4/20168/4/2016Revocation
Patricia M Anderson 8/4/20168/4/2016Revocation
Samuel H Schiccatano 8/4/20168/4/2016Revocation
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