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​Private and Non-Public Schools of Low-Income Reports

Pennsylvania's private and non-public schools report those students who were enrolled as of October 1 of each School Year and were considered economically disadvantaged. The low-income students are reported through the Private and Non-Public Schools Enrollment (PNPE) system. The low-income enrollment information, reported by the private and non-public schools, is used by the federal government as a component of the qualifications in designating low-income schools. However, reporting low-income enrollment is optional for private and non-public schools. If a school chooses not to report low-income data, the school's official percent of low-income enrollments will be zero. The list below provides various Private and Non-Public Schools Low-Income reports. You may also view instructions on How to View Microsoft Excel Reports (Word)

For additional information, please contact:
Data Quality Office
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Forum Building
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