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Workflow Process

When the Pennsylvania Department of Education shares data with third party researchers, it follows a process that ensures:

  • researchers obtain only the data they need to answer their research questions;
  • confidentiality is maintained and human subjects research protocols are followed;
  • PDE has opportunities to comment on and publicize the results.

The PDE Data Governance Research Committee convenes on the first Wednesday of each month. All letters of intent submitted by researchers one week prior to the meeting will be placed on the agenda and reviewed by the committee. Recommendations coming from the committee will be communicated to the researcher within ten (10) business days, and may include direction to complete and submit the IRB Research Application and appropriate attachments.

The PDE Institutional Review Board convenes every other month. Research projects recommended by the PDE Data Governance Research Committee (and include completed IRB research applications) will be placed on the agenda of the next IRB meeting and reviewed.

The process for requesting and receiving data for research studies is depicted below.

Data Request Process Chart

SLDS Data Request Process Chart (PDF)