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​Professional Development

Teachers who have specific preparation, knowledge, and skills in child development and early childhood education are more likely to engage in warm, pos​itive interactions with children, offer richer language experiences, and create more high-quality learning environments. Opportunities for teaching staff to receive supportive supervision and to participate in ongoing professional development ensure that their knowledge and skills reflect the profession’s ever-changing knowledge base.

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) is focused on ensuring the early childhood education (ECE) workforce is well equipped to support the growth development of today's youngest children and their families. OCDEL provides funding to Regional Professional Development Organizations (PDOs) to increase participation in and completion of credit-bearing coursework and degrees in Early Childhood Education. PDOs offer Career Counseling, access to free education (for eligible participants), and options for funding (for non-eligible participants). . For more information on PDOs please visit the Professional Development Organization's webpage.