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Holds a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Credential

  • Identify the comparable Pennsylvania certificate for which you will be applying (see Types of Certificates). Special Note: If applying for a certification in Special Education PreK-8 or 7-12 (issued only until 12/31/21), you must already hold or qualify and apply for a Pennsylvania certificate in an appropriate grade-comparable content area. If applying for Special Education PK-8 or 7-12, your completed application must be submitted in TIMS in the Awaiting Evaluation status by 12/31/21. PDE will begin issuing the Special Education PreK-12 certificate as an initial or stand-alone subject area January 1, 2022. Refer to CSPG 61 (Grade-Level Scope of Certificates section) for more information.

  • Obtain all official transcripts (both bachelors and beyond). If submitting transcripts electronically, do not submit your transcript request until you have submitted your application in TIMS. A bachelor's degree from a nationally accredited college/university is a base requirement for certification.

  • Obtain a photocopy of your current and valid professional level state certificate comparable to the PA certificate you are seeking.
  • Obtain a photocopy of your National Board credential.
  • The certification tests are not required under this route to certification. The required tests will still be requested in your TIMS application as the determination to waive the tests is not made by TIMS. It is determined by the certification specialist at the time the application is evaluated.
  • Complete and submit the application in TIMS.
    • All applicants for initial certification in PA must apply for a Level I credential type. If approved under this route, a Level II will be granted at the time the application is approved.
    • After completing the payment selection and successfully SUBMITTING your application in TIMS, you will be provided a link to the application cover sheet. First upload all applicable documents possible. Follow directions for submitting transcripts. If documents cannot be uploaded or sent electronically, include the cover sheet with the documents and mail to the address indicated on the cover sheet.
    • All certification requirements including testing should be met for any other subject areas applied for before submitting the required documentation for review.
    • Electronic payment (see Application Fees) accepted in TIMS.