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​Single Area Supervisory Certificates PK-12

Pennsylvania offers a Single Area Supervisory Certificate for grade levels PK-12 within a specified instructional or educational service area of the curriculum or school program (examples: supervisor of mathematics; supervisor of reading; supervisor of school guidance services).

This certificate entitles a person to function between the school administration and certified professional staff of a public school for enhancing the attainment of the employer's expectations and goals by authorizing duties using independent judgment not equally shared by all professional certified staff, directing other certified persons, and having direct input to administrators which substantially affects the employment, assignment, transfer, promotion, layoff, discharge, or other similar personnel actions of other certified professional level employees.

Issuance of the Single Area Supervisory Certificate requires a minimum of five years of professional school experience in the area for which the certificate is sought. Preparation for this professional certificate is at the graduate level and presumes in-depth study in the area of supervision.

A person prepared as a Single Area Supervisor may be eligible for certification provided the applicant:

  1. Has completed an approved program of graduate study preparing him/her for the responsibilities of supervising in the specified single program area and of directing the activities of certificated professional employees. Preparation completed out-of-state must meet Pennsylvania standards for certification. A 3.0 program Grade Point Average (GPA) is required.

  2. Is recommended for certification by the authorized certification officer of the institution where such education was obtained, or holds a comparable certificate from another state (for out-of-state graduates only).

  3. Provides a chief school administrator's verification of the completion of five years of satisfactory professional school experience as mentioned above. (22 PA Code Section 49.111).

  4. Has provided evidence of satisfactory achievement on assessments prescribed by the Department under Section 49.18(a).

  5. Is able to meet all other requirements provided by law.

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