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​CSPG 101 - Utilization of Paraprofessional Staff

Modified: February 1, 2018

The paraprofessional provides support related to instruction and services for children, youth, and families.


  • A paraprofessional provides instructional support under the direction of a properly certified teacher.
  • Paraprofessionals may perform non-instructional duties (e.g., monitor study hall, recess, or cafeteria) under the direction of a certified teacher or supervisor and must have access to the appropriate certified teacher or supervisor.

Special Considerations

  • Paraprofessionals employed in a Title I school-wide building or paid through Title I funds in a Title I program, and who work with students in remedial reading, writing, and/or mathematics must meet the following qualifications:
    • An associate degree or at least 48 postsecondary education credits; or
    • The successful completion of a state or locally developed assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics.


  • Paraprofessional service does not qualify for:
    • Service as a substitute;
    • Purposes of tenure;
    • Professional status; or
    • Permanent certification.
  • Paraprofessionals serving as health room aides cannot be directed to engage in
    health-related activities reserved exclusively for licensed professionals and
    controlled by the Nurse Practice Act, or other medically related laws.


Section 111(g)(2)(M) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

This revision supersedes all earlier Certification Staffing Policy Guidelines (CSPGs) carrying this number and/or addressing this subject. Previous dates on this subject: 9/76, 1/87, 1/96, 7/04, 9/17.

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Major Changes to CSPG #101
​2/2018​Updated language clarifying paraprofessional direction under
certified personnel.
  • ​Updated language to reflect ESSA requirements for Title I paraprofessional employees effective for the 2016-17 school year.
  • Clarifications and reorganization.