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​CSPG 104 - Expansion of Secondary (7-12) Certification to Sixth Grade

Modified: April 5, 2023


The purpose of this CSPG is to accommodate staffing in the middle or intermediate school setting for the sixth grade. 

A person holding a certificate endorsed for a subject area which is limited to the secondary grades (7-12), or the middle grades (7-9) is qualified for assignment only in sixth grade in the subject area of the certificate they hold. 


This CSPG does not apply to special education. Educators who are certified in Special Education 7-12 may not use their certificate at the sixth grade level without also holding a Special Education PK-8 or Special Education PK-12 certificate. 

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Major Changes to CSPG #104
  • Retitled CSPG to better reflect policy.
  • Added restriction on special education certificates to be consistent with CSPG #61.
  • Modified CSPG to reflect current practice of the past several years.
  • Mid-level grades 7-9 certificate holders are qualified for assignments in their content area only at the sixth grade level as stated in CSPG # 51, 52, 53, and 54.