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​CSPG 105 - Gifted Enrichment Programs PK-12

Modified: August 3, 2023

Gifted Enrichment Programs are specially designed programs or support services not ordinarily provided in the regular education program that serve mentally gifted students having outstanding intellectual and creative ability (22 Pa. Code §16.1).

Certification Staffing and Assignments

The gifted enrichment program staffing policy is based on regulatory language in Chapter 16.5 (a) Personnel:

Professional personnel shall consist of certified individuals responsible for identifying gifted students and providing gifted education in accordance with Article XI of the School Code (24 P.S. 11-1101-11-1192) and this title. (See also 16.5 (c): In-service training shall be provided for individuals responsible for the gifted program.)


  • An individual with a Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate may teach an enrichment program for gifted students regardless of content or grade level.
  • Proper certification is necessary when a content grade is given.


  • Any certified professional employee may coordinate the gifted enrichment program.
  • Coordinators may not teach students or supervise professional employees.


  • Supervisors of the gifted enrichment program must hold a Supervisory certificate in any area.  Supervisors may both supervise and evaluate professional employees teaching or coordinating a gifted enrichment program.  Administrators may also supervise a gifted enrichment program and evaluate professional staff.

School Psychologists

  • School Psychologists are responsible for analyzing screening data and conducting multidisciplinary psychoeducational evaluations intended to identify students who are mentally gifted and provide programming (strategies) recommendations to GIEP teams for eligible students.  


Gifted Education Guidelines

24 P. S. §1101-1192, §1212, §1604

22 PA Code: Chapter 4: §4.22, §4.23, §4.31

Chapter 16: §16.1, §16.5

Chapter 49: §49.11, §49.8

This revision supersedes all earlier CSPGs carrying this number and/or addressing this subject. Previous printing dates on this subject: 3/75, 1/87, 7/04, 1/15

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Major Changes for CSPG #105
  • ​Clarified that Gifted Enrichment Programs may also be supervised and evaluated by administrators.
  • Clarified the role of the school psychologists to include recommendations to GIEP teams for programming strategies.
​Reorganization and formatting only
  • ​New CSPG written for Gifted Enrichment
  • The endorsement is not required for staffing a gifted enrichment program
​7/2004​No CSPG written for Gifted Enrichment

​CSPG #109-Mentally Gifted and Talented

  • Any Level I or II certificate
  • The school district may establish special training, education, skills for a person assigned to this position

​CSPG #80-Appropriate Certification, page 3 of 4

  • Any Level I or II certificate

CSPG #80A-Professional Assignment for Which No Certificate Exists

  • Discontinues the issuance of Program Specialist certificates

​CSPG #62-Program Specialist Certification and Assignment Scope

  • A Program Specialist certificate may be issued for specialized professional-level service in education programs where the service is not reserved to a specific certificate
  • The Program Specialist may be the appropriate certificate to qualify a person to supervise programs for the academically gifted and talented

​CSPG #99-Staffing Programs for the Mentally Gifted and Specifically Talented

  • Any teacher may teach the subjects for which his/her certificate is endorsed to the mentally gifted and specially talented
  • Special Education certificates do not qualify
  • Careful consideration should be given to verified personal abilities of the teacher for the assignment area
  • The supervisor or director of a gifted program should hold a single area supervisory certificate or an administrative certificate and a Program Specialist Certificate issued for the position
  • A Supervisor of Special Education may serve in the assignment if they have been issued a Program Specialist certificate