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​CSPG 106 - Program Endorsements

January 1, 2019

A Program Endorsement documents knowledge in new and emerging areas where formal certification does not exist. A Program Endorsement is intended to improve an educator’s skills in dealing with complex educational issues. Endorsements can be added to existing Level I or Level II certificates but are not required to perform service in these areas.

Grade Level Scope of Endorsement

Endorsements are designed for PK-12 grade levels.

Endorsement Assignment

An endorsement only documents knowledge in new and emerging areas. The educator must be assigned to the subject area and grade scopes indicated on their Level I or II certificate.

Endorsement Clarification

  • An existing Level I or Level II certificate must be held in order to add an endorsement.
  • This includes Instructional, Educational Specialist, Supervisory, Administrative, and Vocational Instructional certificates.
  • An endorsement is a short program not to exceed 12 credits.
  • Existing endorsement areas.


An endorsement does not replace the appropriate certificate required to perform service in its content area, e.g. an autism endorsement does not certify an educator to teach children with autism. The educator must hold a Pennsylvania Special Education certification.


Chapter 49.62b

Program Framework Guidelines and Rubrics, Subject Specific Program Guidelines