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​CSPG 31 - Art

Modified: January 17, 2023
Instructional Area Code 1405

Art Education is the organization of materials and media for two or three-dimensional visual effects that communicate ideas, express emotion, and are considered primarily in relation to aesthetic criteria for beauty or meaningfulness. Programs generally describe historic development, critical process, aesthetic qualities, and creative processes. Visual Arts is the creation and perception of auditory, kinesthetic, and visual phenomena which express ideas and emotions in various forms leading each student to personalized understandings and processes appropriate for evaluating, using, creating, valuing, and appreciating art.

Grade Level Scope of Certificate

A person holding a valid PA certificate for Art is qualified to teach Art courses, humanities, and multi-media design and programs in grades PK-12.

Certification Assignment

A person holding a valid PA certificate for Art is qualified to teach Art courses and content to include the following: crafts; ceramics; drawing; painting; sculpture; fiber/textiles/weaving; glass; metal/jewelry; digital and basic photography; basic graphics art design; printmaking; computer art; digital media, art conservation; art history; art management; art theory; art criticism; art techniques; studio art; and intermedia art (techniques and processes for expressing emotions, ideas, or visions in 2 or 3 dimensions using a variety of materials/media simultaneously).

A person holding certification in Elementary Education may teach Art within a self-contained classroom when such instruction is integrated with the general education of that classroom.

Special Consideration

An educator certified in this field may:

  • Provide professional development,
  • Serve in the role of mentor or advisor, and
  • Assist students in understanding how to read content area materials.


Program Specific Standards and Guidelines for Certification

Other CSPGs for Reference: Elementary Education

22 PA Code: Chapter 4: §4.21(e)(7), §4.21(f)(6), §4.22(c)(8), §4.23(c)(6), §4.23(d)(1)

Chapter 49: §49.11, §49.81

PA Public School Code: §1202, §1212, §1604

This revision supersedes all earlier CSPGs carrying this number and/or addressing this subject. Previous printing dates on this subject: 10/76, 1/87.

Summary of Changes

Date of Revisions Major Changes to CSPG #31


  • Updated terminology for STEAM education
  • Made minor formatting changes