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​CSPG 51 - Middle Level English Grades 6-9

Modified: March 1, 2023
​Instructional Area Code 2850

Middle Level English in grades 6-9 synthesizes learning experiences from elementary studies in English/Language Arts. These programs help students integrate the application of English syntax (grammar), phonology, morphology, and semantics to prose, verse, literature, and informational text, as well as develop abilities to communicate and evaluate ideas through oral and written expression as applicable at the educational levels in grades 6-9.

Grade Level Scope of Certificate

A person holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate for Middle Level English is qualified to teach respective courses in grades 6 through 9.

Certificate Assignment

An educator holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate for Middle Level English is qualified to teach all standards adopted by the State Board of Education in English Language Arts, including standards in the categories of reading informational text, reading literature, writing, and speaking and listening.

Certificate Clarification

All individuals teaching English grades 6 through 9 must have achieved a Middle Level English certificate or Secondary English certificate.

Special Considerations

An educator certified in Middle Level English may:

  • Provide professional development;
  • Serve in the role of mentor/advisor; and
  • Assist students in understanding how to read content area materials.


  • The certified Middle Level English educator may teach English courses only in grades 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • The certified Middle Level English educator may teach reading as part of the English curriculum but may not perform duties and responsibilities reserved for a Reading Specialist (see CSPG 57).


Program Specific Guidelines for Certification.

PA Public School Code: §1202, §1212, §1604, §1511

22 PA Code:

Chapter 4: §4.22(c)(1), §4.23(c)(1)
Chapter 49: §49.11, §49.81

Other CSPG's for Reference: Reading Specialist

This revision supersedes all earlier CSPGs carrying this number and/or addressing this subject.  Previous printing dates on this subject:  1973, 3/75,3/78, 2/82, 1/87, 9/03,7/14.

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Changes to CSPG #51
  • ​Updated terminology.
  • Further clarified certification assignment with regard to the teaching of reading.
  • ​Clarified Certification Assignment.
  • Middle Level English 6-9 certificate may not be used to teaching reading.
​7/2014​Middle Level English 7-9 certificate changed to Middle Level
English 6-9 certificate.
​9/2003​Middle Level English 7-9 certificate first issued.