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CSPG 72 - Dance PK-12

February 2023 

Dance Education is the science or art of teaching dance and dance appreciation programs at various educational levels and provides the means to expand interest, challenge abilities, recognize social responsibilities and privileges, and foster physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social, kinesthetic, and aesthetic growth, as well as develop the use of the body to express a message or convey a concept. 

Grade Level Scope of Certificate:

A person holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate for dance education is qualified to teach all Dance courses in grades PK-12.

Certification Assignment:

An educator holding a valid PA certificate for Dance Education is qualified to teach all aspects of dance in grades PK-12, including dance techniques and movement practices, dance aesthetics and criticism, dance history, dance composition, dance technology, dance production, and professional application in dance. 

Special Considerations:

An educator certified in this field may:

  • Provide school staff development.
  • Serve in the role of mentor or advisor.
  • Assist students in understanding how to read content area materials.


  • Educators who have a current dance teaching certificate recognized or issued by the department prior to July 8, 2022 may continue to teach dance within the grade limitations of the certificate.
  • Educators holding a current valid PK-12 Health & PE (4805) certification or Communications 7-12 (3200) certification may continue to teach dance as part of their curriculum.
  • Individuals teaching dance to students as part of an extracurricular activity, including, but not limited to, a musical or dance team do not have to hold a PK-12 dance certificate. 


Program Specific Guidelines for Certification.

Pa. Public School Code: §1202, §1212, §1604

22 Pa. Code: Chapter 4 §4.22, §4.23, §4.31

Chapter 49: §49.11, §49.81