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​School Contractor Procedures

Contractors, including school bus drivers and others who perform work for the school entity under contract are required to obtain their clearances. Results are made available electronically for schools to review. Access to the database is not permitted for independent contractors.​​​

​Public and private schools will need a listing of their contractors’ prospective employees and their UEID’s. Schools should work with their contractors to establish a process for the contractor to provide the UEID to the school. The schools will then be responsible for going online to review the prospective employees’ CHRI records to make a determination of the fitness of the individual to perform work that places the individual in contact with children. The law has required the school to make this fitness determination; this does not reflect a policy change and does not change the status of the employee as an employee of the contractor. The school administrator is to transmit that fitness determination to the contractor. Once hired, a copy of the contracted employees’ official CHRI is to be maintained by the school. An official copy will not be provided to the applicant or to the contractor. For contractors that wish to see a copy, a suggested solution is that contractors require their employees or prospective employees to provide the unofficial copy to the contractor. The paper copy will not be regarded as the official report; but, it will provide an applicant with a copy of the information that the school will see when the report is reviewed.