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​​Processing and Storage

The applicant’s scanned fingerprints and registration information will be electronically transmitted by IDEMIA via IDEMIA’s approved channeling process directly to the FBI. The fingerprints are run against the FBI database, and the report is sent directly from the FBI back to IDEMIA. Currently, IDEMIA maintains the reports for five years from the date of the report on a secure server (accessible by authorized representatives). After five years, the reports are destroyed. Neither PDE or the FBI or IDEMIA stores an applicant’s fingerprints. If an applicant is required to obtain a new report, the applicant must be fingerprinted again in order to obtain the report.

​​Group Finge​​rprinting Support

If you have a requirement to fingerprint a large group of applicants (300 college education majors, a contractor’s entire staff of 120 employees, 50 bus drivers, etc.) IDEMIA and the fixed site providers will try to accommodate that request. Some fingerprint service sites have the ability to bring portable equipment to your site. If you are in need of Group Fingerprinting Support, visit https://uenroll.identogo.comOpens In A New Window. Service sites in your area that have mobile equipment will be listed.

NOTE: This mobile service requires the visited site to provide broadband internet access and access through any firewall. The sites that offer mobile services can provide you instructions, in advance of their visit, that would allow fingerprinting to occur at your site. You must however, plan ahead. Requirements for hosting a mobile Livescan operation can be found at https://uenroll.identogo.comOpens In A New Window.

We encourage you to utilize this service but you must plan ahead. Please do not overwhelm the service by sending large groups of applicants to fixed site locations. If you must send a large group of applicants to a fixed site, please plan for their arrival to occur over days and weeks, not over hours.

Corrections and Resubmissions

In some cases, a classifiable fingerprint record cannot be obtained. Immediately upon indication, IDEMIA will take corrective action to notify the applicant of the need to re-print the applicant at no cost to the applicant. This corrective action will be completed at the earliest possible time that is convenient for the applicant. IDEMIA will contact the applicant directly via email should a re-print be necessary. NOTE: Reprinting can be applied to each applicant one time only.

If the applicant's fingerprints are unable to be transmitted electronically by IDEMIA to the FBI a second time, the applicant will be notified that a "name check" process will be instituted. The name check is a manual review of records completed by the FBI, with the results being sent to IDEMIA. Upon receipt of name check results from the FBI, IDEMIA will send the results via email to the applicant (Please note the link is available for ONE-TIME access only and once accessed will no longer be valid. You should only access this link from a device that will allow you to download, print, or save your results at that time). Administrators will have access to review the results in the PA Safe Check system.  This process takes 4 – 6 weeks; please allow ample time for processing.​