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​​​​​Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher ​​​Quality

The Bureau of School L​​eadership and Teacher Quality (BSLTQ) is part of the Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education (OPHE) at the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The BLSTQ consists of two divisions, the Division of Certification Services and the Division of Professional Education and Teacher Quality (PETQ)​.

The New Intern Certificate Assurance Forms​ (PDF) are now available. Visit the Intern Certificate attachment for more information, or contact:

Dr. Carissa Pokorny-Golden, Director of BSLTQ,
Dr. Kerry Helm, Assistant Director,

Division of Certification Servi​ces​

The Division of Certification Services oversees educator certification within the Commonwealth including all Instructional I, Instructional II, educational specialist, program specialist, intern, supervisory, career and technical, and administrative certificates, as well as endorsements and private academic certificates. Types of certificates include out-of-state certificates and emergency certificates.

Dr. Kerry Helm, Chief, ra-edcertquestio​

Division of Professional Education and Teacher Quality (PETQ)​​​​

​The Division of Professional Education and Teacher Quality provides information and support to new educators, approved PA Educator Certification Preparation Program Providers (EPPs), deans, chairs, certification officers, and faculty. PETQ liaises with EPPs, manages reviews of certification programs (annual reviews, initial reviews, major reviews, intern applications, and assurance forms), and apprises EPPs of applicable changes in policy, regulation, or statute. PETQ also provides information and support to public school educators and school entities on appropriate certifications for staffing and for educators moving from Instructional and Administrative Level I to Level II.

Dr. Katina Moten, Chief,

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