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2018-2019 Baseline Data

​Placements ​Total #
Total # of Placements4,766
Total # of LEA's Who Placed Students285
Total # of Special Ed (Prior or After) Placements1,285
Total # of Special Ed (Prior) Placements1,210
Total # of Special Ed (After) Placements208
Total # of English Learner Placements142
Placement Reason Percent of Placement
Commission of a criminal act 2.0%
Display/use of controlled substances
Disregard for school authority or school policy violation
Habitual truancy0.3%
Misconduct meriting suspension or expulsion12.0%
Possession of weapon7.4%
Used as transition program for students returning from placements or are on probation0.4%
Violent or threatening behavior27.1%