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  • Provides specific and timely feedback designed to support student learning
  • Builds efficacy by bringing students into the processing of their own learning
  • Promotes goal-setting by involving students in the learning process
  • Provides students with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills
  • Promotes partnering with teacher (e.g., one-to-one conferencing)
  • Ensures that follow-up instruction is meaningful and aligns with student learning expectations


  • Promotes teaching and collaboration with students, parents/guardians, and others
  • Provides immediate access to diagnostic reports about student strengths and areas of need
  • Promotes teacher understanding of student strengths and areas of need throughout the year
  • Allows monitoring of student achievement to guide ongoing planning and instruction
  • Guides individual as well as flexible grouping of students to target instruction
  • Provides immediate access to SAS resources to support whole and small group and individual instruction
  • Provides opportunities for teachers to reflect, collaborate, and match instruction to student need


  • Defines an assessment resource to teachers to provide diagnostic information in order to guide instruction and provide support to students and teachers
  • Promotes shared leadership to encourage the CDT administration as part of the school culture
  • Informs the design of future professional development for all faculty and within the Induction Plan for mentoring of new teachers
  • Allows immediate access to student reports


  • Promotes collaboration with students, teachers, and others
  • Promotes conversation and understanding regarding student strengths and areas of need throughout the year
  • Provides the opportunity to view and understand their student’s achievement in a visual representation
  • Provides access to information linked to SAS resources to support their student’s learning at home
  • Enhances the partnership among the student, teacher, and parents/guardians