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Test Administration Materials

The documents linked below describe the responsibilities of district and school assessment coordinators and school assessment administrators in the administration of the PSSA. These documents will be updated annually prior to the administration of the assessment.

The 2019-20 test materials, Directions for Administration (DFA), and Handbook for Assessment Coordinators (HAC) will be used for the spring 2020-21 PSSA administration. Errata sheets were developed for the DFAs and HAC to provide information needed for the 2020-21 spring administration – please review the errata sheets when reviewing the DFAs and HAC.

Getting Ready for 2022-2023

District Assessment Coordinator Training

The training for Spring 2023 will only be via PowerPoint and not a live webinar.

2023 Directions for Administration (DFAs)

Grade 3

Grade 3 to 8

Grade 4 to 8


For more information on Pennsylvania's Alternate System of Assessment (PASA), please access