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​​​CTE Teacher Certification

Professional Personnel Development Centers

The Career and Technical Education Professional Personnel Development Centers provide technical assistance to schools in the areas of teacher preparation and certification, performance-based curriculum design, classroom instruction and technology. The three centers are:

In order to access updates to the Certification of Professional Personnel, as mandated by the Pennsylvania School Code, Chapter 49, please refer to PA Code Chapt​er 49; and, to Career and Technical Certification.

Career and Technical Teacher Occupational Competency Assessment

Teacher candidates for certification are evaluated for their knowledge and skill by o​ne of three testing methods. The method of testing is determined by the occupation the candidate intends to teach. The three types of tests are: NOCTI Skilled Worker Test, Committee Evaluation, or Credential Review. For more information on the NOCTI test​​ click on the link above to go to the NOCTI Web site.

National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI)​ The NOCTI Skilled Worker test is a form of assessment that consists of two parts. One part is a written knowledge test of the trade area a candidate intends to teach. The second part is a practical, hands-on demonstration of the trade area skills where the candidate will be given tasks to perform related to the trade area.

Committee Evaluation A Committee Evaluation is used to determine the skill and knowledge base of a teacher candidate. A committee for the evaluation is usually made up of three to five members. A typical committee might have three members from the trade or industry represented, a teacher of the same area, and a school administrator.

Credential Review A Credential Review is coordinated between the administration of the local education agency (employer) and the Professional Personal Development Center (career and technical teacher preparation facility). This method is employed when a State Licensing Bureau credentials the teacher candidate, or the candidate holds a credential from a state recognized licensing or certificating agency.