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Recruitment and Retention Tip Sheet


  • The best recruitment tool is an effective program. Word of mouth is your best friend.
  • Website—highlight nontrad students and activities in a variety of programs. Provide updates about all programs offered.
  • News releases – postings and articles about successful participants will encourage others to enroll.
  • Networking – use social media to strengthen contacts with businesses, graduates, and the community.
  • Radio/TV Public Service announcements. Create a 30 or 60 second PSA that can be shared with a local station. Set up an on-air interview for nontrads.
  • Career fairs – invite middle students to attend.
  • Brochures/Flyers –informational mailings to middle school parents about career nights
  • Do informational sessions on career choices for school groups.
  • Presentations by successful nontrad persons and for outside groups.
  • Provide updated labor market information and career counseling.
  • Publicize sustainable support services and groups, including mentors.


  • Meeting students' needs encourages them to stay in programs.
  • Positive reinforcement for exhibiting appropriate employment skills – attitude, dress, demeanor, professionalism, etc.
  • Encourage nontrads to keep in contact with each other (peer networking) for support and friendships.
  • Alumni group meeting on a regular basis following class sessions.
  • Invite nontrad graduates to speak at Orientation or other functions.
  • Submit newsletter articles to the home school.
  • Support service availability for school and summer activities– childcare, transportation, tools/supplies, tuition, etc.
  • Tutoring assistance for those who have a need.
  • Regular financial aid seminars for all types of training.
  • Help participant identify one person in their circle who will be supportive of their efforts.
  • Mail new nontrad participants in area schools information concerning support services you offer.
  • Offer job-shadowing experiences in their field.
  • Provide a mentor currently working in their field.
  • Establish a policy to meet with students before they withdraw from a program to discuss reasons for withdrawal.