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​​​​ELA Mini Lessons

Integrating English Language Arts (ELA) into career and technical education (CTE) programs enhances the ELA concepts that are embedded in CTE content.  It is a process that provides the opportunity for ELA and CTE teachers to work together to identify where ELA intersects with CTE concepts and applications. Students benefit from this team process by having ELA concepts taught in the same context in the ELA classroom and also the CTE program. Research shows that this model has a significant positive impact on student learning in English with no loss to career and technical area content.  
These “mini-lessons” have been designed to teach the eligible content items. The mini-lesson plans demonstrate what the eligible content means and how a ELA teacher might explain the concept to students. These mini-lesson plans are generic across any career and technical program. 

T-Charts: T-charts are being developed to “bridge the gap” between CTE and ELA, and can be used by both English and CTE teachers. This resource will consist of three components: a T-chart, a script, practice problems, and vocabulary associated with the concept. Each T-chart will demonstrate how a CTE teacher delivers the concept covered by the PA Core Reading or Writing Standard, and how an English teacher instructs the same concept. The script that accompanies the T-chart will assist the teacher in bridging the gap by comparing similarities and differences between the two approaches and identifying common mistakes made by students. The practice problems are set up so that three problems are in context, three are generic applications, and three are in plain Reading or Writing language.   

Literacy T-Chart - Word Sort Health-Medical Assisting Service-Assistant51.0899CC.3.5.11-12.D
Literacy T-Chart - 3-2-1 Building Property Maintenance46.0401CC.3.5.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - 3-2-1 Dental Assisting51.0601CC.3.5.11-12.C
Literacy T-chart - 3-2-1 Machine Tool Technology-Machinist48.0501CC.3.5.11-12.C
Literacy T-chart - 3-2-1 Mason Masonry46.0101CC.3.5.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - Anticipation Guide Childcare - Support Services Management19.0708CC.3.5.11-12.H
Literacy T-Chart - Anticipation Guide Commercial and Advertising Art50.0402CC.3.5.11-12.H
Literacy T-Chart - Anticipation Guide Criminal Justice - Police Science43.0107CC.3.4.11-12.H
Literacy T-Chart - Anticipation Guide Homeland Security-Law Enforcement-Firefighting and Related Protective Services43.9999CC.3.5.11-12.H
Literacy T-Chart - Concept Map - Clustering Webbing - Computer Technoloy - Computer System Technology15.1202CC.3.6.11-12.A
Literacy T-Chart - Concept Map - Clustering Webbing - HVAC47.0201CC.3.5.11-12.G
Literacy T-Chart - Concept Map - Clustering Webbing - Vehicle Maintenance Technology - Other47.0699CC.3.5.11-12.G
Literacy T-Chart - Concept Map - Clustering, Webbing - Medical Clinical Assistant51.0801CC.3.5.11-12.G
Literacy T-Chart - Cornell Notes Applied Horticulture01.0601CC.3.5.11-12.B
Literacy T-Chart - Cornell Notes Electrical and Power Transmission Installers46.0399CC.3.5.11-12.B
Literacy T-Chart - Cornell Notes Graphic Communications10.0399CC.3.5.11-12.B
Literacy T-Chart - Cornell Notes Management Information Systems52.1201CC.3.5.11-12.B
Literacy T-Chart - Frayer Model Carpentry46.0201CC.
Literacy T-Chart - Frayer Model Construction Trades46.9999CC.3.5.11-12.I
Literacy T-Chart - Frayer Model Drafting and Design Technology - Technician15.1301CC.
Literacy T-Chart - Frayer Model Electromechanical - Electromechanics15.0403CC.3.5.11-12.I
Literacy T-Chart - RAFT Administrative Assistant52.0401CC.3.6.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - RAFT Biotechnology26.1201CC.3.6.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - RAFT Communication Technoloy - Technicians and Support Services15.1202CC.3.6.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - RAFT Logistics - Materials and Supply Chain Managementpdf52.0203CC.3.6.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - RAFT Welding48.0508CC.3.6.11-12.C
Literacy T-Chart - Thesis Proof Organizer Plumbing Technology - Plumber46.0503CC.3.6.11-12.A
Literacy T-Chart - Thesis-Proof Organizer Cabinetmaking and Millwork48.0703CC.
Literacy T-Chart - Thesis-Proof Organizer Digital Multimedia and Information Resources Design11.0801CC.3.6.11-12.A
Literacy T-Chart - Word Sort Baking and Pastry Chef12.0501CC.3.5.11-12.D
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