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Career and Technical Education Secondary POS Pathways

Student test crosswalk

NIMS (Pertains to CIP 48.0501 & CIP 48.0599)

CIP codes SOC Crosswalk Required information can be found by clicking on the hyperlink, selecting the Resources tab, and then downloading CIP 2020 to SOC 2018 Crosswalk.

*PA Bureau of CTE SOAR Programs for Statewide Articulation for P.O.S only (
*Career and Technical Programs must have a 1:1 locally developed Post-secondary Agreement.

Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) For CTE Programs to be in compliance with Chapter 339, they must be involved in an appropriate, content specific CTSO. The following CTSOs have been deemed acceptable for Trade and Industry Programs:

SkillsUSA (state website)
TSA (state website)

Program Information by Career Clusters

A Program's curriculum should correlate with a task list that consists of the following information:

  • A Program of Study will have a State Developed Task List Program of Study Task List
  • Career and Technical Program task lists will either align with OAC recommendations along with the Post-Secondary school that it has a 1:1 agreement, or program will have a 1:1 agreement and a State Developed Task list. (See specific CIP information provided below)

All Tasks lists should contain information from the following organizations:

  1. Occupational Advisory Committee recommendations
  2. Industry standards established by state or national trade or professional organizations or state or federal regulatory bodies recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. SOA​R Programs of Study Career and Industry Based Websites (PDF)
  3. Integrate CTSO topics to include instruction in the development of human relations skills, knowledge of occupations, leadership competencies and positive attitudes toward fulfilling occupational, civic, social, and community responsibilities.
  4. Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System SA​S Portal
  5. Academic Standards for Career Education and Work (PDF)