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​​Math T-Charts

Integrating math into career and technical education (CTE) programs enhances the mathematical concepts that are embedded in career and technical education content. It is a process that provides the opportunity for math and CTE teachers to work together to identify where math intersects with CTE concepts and applications. Students benefit from this team process by having math concepts taught in the same context in the math classroom and also the CTE program. Research shows that this model has been shown to have a significant positive impact on student learning in mathematics with no loss to career and technical area content.

Mini-Lessons(PDF): These “mini-lessons” have been designed to teach each of the 57 eligible content items related to the 11th grade PSSA. The mini-lessons demonstrate what the eligible content means and how a math teacher would explain the concept to students. These mini-lessons are generic across any career and technical program. Our thanks to Berks County Career and Technology Center for sharing these mini-lessons.

T-Charts: T-charts are being developed to “bridge the gap” between CTE and math and can be used by both math and CTE teachers. This resource will consist of three component​s: a T-chart, a script, and practice problems. Each T-chart will demonstrate how a CTE teacher teaches the concept covered by the PA Math Core Standard and how a math teacher teaches the same concept. For instance, a carpentry instructor teaches how to determine the pitch of a roof. A math teacher teaches how to calculate slope. The T-chart will compare the two and identify the vocabulary associated with the concept. The script that accompanies the T-chart will assist the teacher in bridging the gap between the two by comparing similarities and differences between the two approaches and identifying common mistakes made by students. The practice problems will be set up so that three problems are in context, three are generic applications, and three are in plain math language. Additional program areas are being developed.

T-Chart Writing Tips and Rules (PDF) This ​ document gives instructions to teachers on how to complete a Math T-Chart, using the seeded T-Chart to create a program specific Math T-Chart. The seeded Math T-Charts already contain the math procedure for teaching the PA Core Standard on the right side. The CTE instructor, will develop the left side of the Math T-Chart which is program specific to career and technical education.​

Automotive Technology - Number And Quantity Dynamometer47.0604CC.2.1.HS.F.1
Automotive Technology - Number And Quantity Working With Fractional Parts47.0604CC.2.1.HS.F.2
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Change in Dimension47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.13
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Direct and Indirect Proportions47.0604CC.2.2.HS.D.9
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Find Missing Measurement47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.3
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Graphical Representations of Data47.0604CC.2.4.HS.B.1
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Measuring Angles47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.14
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Perimeter Area Irregular Shapes47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.14
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Permutations and or Combinations47.0604CC.2.4.HS.B.4
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Proportional Relationships47.0604CC.2.2.HS.C.3
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Rates of Change47.0604CC.2.2.HS.C.5
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Scientific Notation47.0604CC.2.1.HS.F.1
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Slope of a Line47.0604CC.2.2.HS.C.3
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Square Root47.0604CC.2.1.HS.F.2
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Surface Area47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.14
Automotive Technology T-Chart - Volume47.0604CC.2.3.HS.A.12
Biotechnology T-Chart - Scientific Notation26.1201CC.2.1.HS.F.1
Building and Property Maint T-Chart - Maintenance pulley and belt ratios46.0401CC.2.2.HS.D.9
Building Construction And HVAC 46.9999CC.2.3.HS.A.7
Building Property Maintenance46.0401CC.2.1.HS.F.4
Cabinetmaking - Geometry Finishing Surface Area48.0703CC.2.3.HS.A.14
Cabinetmaking - Number And Quantity Estimate And Solve Job Costs48.0703CC.2.1.HS.F.5
Cabinetmaking - Number And Quantity Length Of Wall With Unit Conversions48.0703CC.2.1.HS.F.5
Cabinetmaking - Number and Quatity Estimate and Solve Job Costs48.0703CC.2.1.HS.F.5
Carpentry - Geometry Volume Of Sonatube46.0201CC.2.3.HS.A.12
Carpentry - Geometry Volume46.0201CC.2.3.HS.A.12
Carpentry T-Chart - Area of Irregular Shapes46.0201CC.2.3.HS.A.14
Carpentry T-Chart - Compute slope46.0201CC.2.2.HS.C.3
Carpentry T-Chart - Direct and Inverse Proportions46.0201CC.2.2.HS.D.9
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