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Career Readiness Indicator for Future Ready PA Index FAQ

(Benchmark Reporting and Collection, Evidence of Meaningful Student Engagement, PIMS/SIS Reporting)

Benchmark Reporting and Collection

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​What are the reporting requirements for the CAREER READINESS INDICATOR FOR FUTURE READY PA INDEX, effective for 2017-18?

What are the reporting requirements effective for 2018-19 and beyond?

​How many of the Career Education and Work (CEW) standards must be addressed at each benchmark?

​Who reports for students in alternative settings, such as an intermediate unit or outside agency?  Who collects the evidence?

​What is the difference between collecting evidence for a portfolio and reporting evidence for accountability?

What are the requirements for evidence collection and reporting when a student enrolls or transfers from another school entity?

​Does the phrase “piece of evidence” differ from “artifact”?

​Should a student create evidence from a previous grade level to complete missed pieces of evidence for that grade or benchmark? 

Is it mandatory for students to collect two portfolio artifacts per year?

​What is "acceptable evidence"?

​What is "successful completion"?

​Do state assessments, grades, or report cards qualify as evidence?

​Do rubrics or certificates qualify as acceptable evidence?

​What is the disposition of the portfolio upon a student’s graduation?  Does the LEA have an obligation to keep student portfolios?

​Do special education and special population students (e.g., English Learners, alternative education) have the same expectations as other general education students regarding evidence collection and reporting?

​Evidence - Meaningful Student Engagement in Career Education and Work Standards

​Acceptable Examples
​Non-acceptable Examples
  • Career plan
  • Digital pictures, profiles, performances w/career focus
  • Rubric that scores a project aligned to CEW standards
  • Career inventory
  • Grades K-5 "I" statements with supporting reflection 
  • Research report related to CEW standards
  • Written reflection or journals (from a job shadow, career fair, etc.)
  • Interview notes from work-based learning experiences
  • Business Plan outline for an Entrepreneurship activity
  • Budget related to a career readiness activity
  • PA NOCTI CEW Test Code 8298/Career Skills #1100, and Workplace Success Skills #1350.
  • Certificate with a summary of project criteria related to a CEW standard; includes an LEA signature
  • Award or certificate from a CEW related event, e.g., FBLA Job Interview contestant, FFA
  • IEP Transition Goals
  • Lesson Plans
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Attendance or participation sign-in sheets from a career event
  • I-statements without a supporting reflection
  • Grade for a project
  • Generic certificate without a summary of project criteria related to a CEW standard and student and teacher signatures
  • State assessments

PIMS/SIS Data Reporting

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​What are the requirements for reporting individual student-level data in PIMS?

What is the minimum reporting requirement for a student who transfers into a district?

  • Partial year
  • Full year

​Do Career and Technical Centers (CTCs) report benchmark indicator student-level data?

Do public charter schools or schools without a K-12 School Guidance Plan report data?