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Charter School Funding

How are Charter Schools funded?
There is no tuition charge for a resident or nonresident student attending a charter school. Funding for charter schools is addressed in Section 1725-A (PDF) of the Pennsylvania Public School Code. Charter schools should receive for each student enrolled an amount paid by the district of resident of each student. This amount is based upon a statutory funding formula. There is a funding formula for non-special education students and for special education students.

Pursuant to section 1725-A(a)(5), a charter school may ask the Secretary of Education to redirect a school district's subsidy when the school district fails to pay the charter school for educating resident students. The request must be in writing and include a copy of the invoice prepared in the format required by PDE. 

The following document summarizes a court decision regarding 4-year-old kindergarten programs offered by charter schools and the resulting funding consequences for charter schools and school districts.

How should Charter Schools bill resident school districts?
Charter schools should use Selected Expenditure per Average Daily Membership rates when billing a resident school district. 

Subsidy Redirection Process Webinar, December 4, 2018 (PDF) New

Instructions for Submitting Subsidy Redirection Request to PDE (PDF) 

Statement Regarding Deductions and PDE-363 (PDF)
PDE-363 (Excel)
Ready to Learn Block Grant Deduction on PDE-363 (PDF)

Statement Regarding Rescission of the PDE-363 Guidelines (PDF)
2017-18 PDE-363s Received by PDE (PDF)

The following documents contain charter school tuition rates:

2019-2020 Invoice Templates

2018-2019 Reconciliation Templates

Technical assistance can be found on the Help and Support page.

How should Charter Schools prepare an annual budget?

General Fund Budget forms and instructions and supplies information on the Pennsylvania School Code requirements.

For additional information or to submit withholding requests, please contact:
Division of Subsidy Administration
Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management
Department of Education