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Cyber Charter Application Process

An application to establish a cyber charter school shall be submitted to PDE. PDE shall hold at least one public hearing on the provisions of the cyber charter school application. PDE shall grant or deny the cyber charter school application. A cyber charter school applicant has the option to revise and resubmit a denied cyber charter school application to PDE or appeal the decision to the Charter School Appeal Board. PDE will grant or deny the revised cyber charter school application.

The following table contains the cyber charter school application timeline as contained within the Charter School Law and PDE guidance.

​October 1​Applications are due.
​end of November to beginning of December​Public hearings are held.
​Within 120 days of receipt of an application​Applications are granted or denied.
​120 days prior to the applicant's proposed start date​Revised applications are due.
​Within 60 days of receipt of a revised application​Revised applications are granted or denied.

The Charter School Law provides specific timelines and procedures for the cyber charter school application process. Applicants should consult with legal counsel for assistance with this process.