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Multiple Charter School Organizations (MCSO)

Act 55 of 2017 amended the Public School Code to add Section 1729.1-A to the Charter School Law (CSL), 24 P.S. § 17-1729.1-A, and permit the merger of existing charter schools into a Multiple Charter School Organization (MCSO). As Section 1729.1-A refers specifically to charter schools, an MCSO cannot include a cyber charter school.

The establishment of an MCSO requires:

  • Completing the MCSO Application (Excel) and compliance certifications (MCSO form (PDF) and charter school form (PDF));
  • Securing approval from each of the school district(s) that granted the initial charter for each charter school under the proposed MCSO (i.e., chartering school district(s));
  • Securing approval from the Department; and
  • Merging existing charter school entities into a single entity that shall hold the charters for each participating school in accordance with Department of State requirements, including Pennsylvania’s Associations Code.

For detailed information regarding the process for MCSO applications, please download the Multiple Charter School Organization Application Guide. Charter schools seeking to form an MCSO must fully and accurately complete the MCSO Application. Failure to fully and accurately complete the application will be grounds for denying the application.

View a list of Charter Schools Meeting Multiple Charter School Organization Eligibility Criteria under 24 P.S. § 17-1729.1-A.(b)(1)(iii)

How should an applicant submit completed documents to the Department of Education?
After approval by the chartering school district(s) or the passage of 45-day review period, the MCSO Application may be submitted to the Department. The MCSO Application submitted to the Department must be identical to that approved or deemed approved by the chartering school district(s).

Submit via certified mail three (3) identical electronic files (in PDF and Excel formats on separate USB Flash Drives) and three (3) identical hard copies of the MCSO Application and required attached documents to:

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Division of Charter Schools
607 South Drive, 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120​

Applications submitted and Department decisions

Where can I find additional information regarding the Multiple Charter School Organization process?
Questions may be directed to The Division of Charter Schools,