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​Goals and Interim Targets

Pennsylvania's proposed long-term goals apply to all public schools and to each student subgroup.

Pennsylvania aims to reduce, by half, the statewide percentage of non-proficient students on state assessments by the end of the 2032-33 school year. This timeline will allow academic planning and programming to support a cohort of students across the full span of their public education experience, from kindergarten through grade 12.

Interim goals were established by dividing the 2033 numeric goals by 16, representing 16 years from 2017-18 to 2032-33.

The 2033 State ESSA Goals spreadsheet displays the Statewide 2033 Goals and Targets for each of the following indicators:

  1. Academic Achievement (Percent Proficient and Advanced on English Language Arts/Literature, Mathematics/Algebra, Science)
  2. 4-year Cohort Graduation Rate
  3. English Language Proficiency

2033 State ESSA Goals (Excel)