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Future Ready PA Index

An important component of Pennsylvania’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated State Plan is the creation of the Future Ready PA Index, a comprehensive, public-facing school progress report that includes a wide range of meaningful, evidence-based indicators. The Future Ready PA Index moves beyond a single, summative score to increase transparency around school and student group performance.

Overview of the Future Ready PA Index Dashboard

The Future Ready PA Index is designed to provide clarity around specific indicators, including a subset of indicators that will be used in federal accountability determinations under Pennsylvania’s newly-approved ESSA Consolidated State Plan. Each Future Ready PA Index indicator was selected based on extensive feedback from education stakeholders from across the commonwealth, along with careful evaluation of the practices and systems that tie to continuous school improvement.

The Future Ready PA Index indicators are divided into three main categories, as listed below.
  1. State Assessment Measures:
    • Percent Proficient or Advanced on PSSA/Keystone Exam (Mathematics/Algebra I*, Science/Biology, and English Language Arts/Literature*)
    • Meeting Annual Growth Expectations (PVAAS) (Mathematics/Algebra I*, Science/Biology, and English Language Arts/Literature*)
    • Percent Advanced on PSSA/Keystone Exam (Mathematics/Algebra I, Science/Biology, and English Language Arts/Literature)
  2. On-Track Measures:
    • English Language Proficiency* (NEW Indicator)
    • Chronic Absenteeism* (NEW Indicator)
    • Grade 3 Reading/Grade 7 Mathematics Early Indicators of Success (NEW Indicator)
  3.  College and Career Measures:
    • Graduation Rate*
    • Career Readiness Benchmark* (NEW Indicator)
    • Industry Based Learning, including Industry Standards-Based Competency Assessments, High Value Industry Recognized Credentials, or Work Based Learning Experiences) (NEW Indicator)
    • Rigorous Courses of Study, including Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB)/College Course Offerings, or CTE Career Pathways
    • Post-Secondary Transition to School, Military, or Work (NEW Indicator)
*Indicators required for ESSA accountability (annual meaningful differentiation) and identification of schools in need of improvement.