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Gifted Enrichment Programs Staffing Policy

The policy of the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality for Gifted Enrichment Programs is based on regulations stated in Chapter 16.5 (a) Personnel.

Professional personnel shall consist of certified individuals responsible for identifying gifted students and providing gifted education in accordance with Article XI of the School Code (24 P.S. 11-1101-11-1192) and this title. (See also 16.5(c): In-service training shall be provided for individuals responsible for the gifted program.)

TEACHERS of the Gifted Enrichment Program should hold a Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate. An Instructional certificate may be used at any grade level for teaching the gifted enrichment program because the enrichment program does not require a core content grade.

Note: Any “gifted” course (other than enrichment) for which a grade is given as an advanced course would fall under different regulation and policy for staffing and would require a certificate specific to the content and grade level.

COORDINATORS of the Gifted Enrichment Program may be certified School Counselors, but certified School Counselors may not teach the instructional gifted program; instruction or teaching must be completed by an Instructional Certification.

SUPERVISORS of the Gifted Enrichment Program should hold a Supervisory certificate in any area.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS/SCHOOL COUNSELORS are responsible for screening, identification, placement and continual assessment as part of the Gifted Enrichment Program.

Note: Position descriptions titled Coordinator should be reviewed by the Bureau for verification of appropriate certification.