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Reporting Special Education Students

The reporting requirements for students with disabilities assigned to instruction conducted in the home by the IEP team and for students with disabilities who may be assigned to homebound instruction both are completed by using the Special Education Students at Home Reporting System (SES@Home). Districts and charter schools must use the web-based reporting system for students with disabilities.

Although homebound instruction is not a special education placement option for students with disabilities, there are occasions when a student with a disability may receive homebound instruction due to a temporary excusal from compulsory attendance in the same manner as the student's non-disabled peers. The decision of whether a student with an IEP should be on homebound instruction is recommended to be in consultation with the IEP team. 

When homebound instruction is approved locally for students with disabilities, districts and charter schools must report immediately the homebound instruction to the Department and then file a follow-up report when the temporary placement has concluded and the student has returned to school. Additionally, as indicated on the SES@Home website, districts and charter schools must document the physician's recommendation for homebound.

If, at the end of an initial three months of homebound instruction, the IEP team deems that an extension is appropriate, the request should be made via the usual method of requesting an extension via the Form PDE-4675.

If the temporary condition that precipitated the excusal from attendance for a student with disabilities results in a change in the student's need for specially designed instruction, districts and charter schools may need to reevaluate the student and /or reconvene the student's IEP team to determine whether it is necessary to revise the IEP and change the student's placement to instruction conducted in the home.

Homebound Instruction versus Instruction Conducted in the Home

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