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​​Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Contact List  

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Carrie Rowe
Oversight of OESE
Amy Lena
Advisor to Deputy Secretary
Chief of Staff for OESE
Charlie Robinson
Executive Secretary
Office Manager

Bureau of Career and Technical Education 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Judd Pittman
Oversight of Bureau
Monique BurtonDivision Chief moburton@pa.gov717-346-3188Data Analysis, Assessment, & Contracts
Division Chief
717-783-6962Program Standards & Quality Assurances
Tamalee BrassingtonDivision Chief tbrassingt@pa.gov717-783-6972Adult & Postsecondary CTE

Bureau of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Brian CampbellDirector bwcampbell@pa.gov717-787-8913Oversight of Bureau
Susan McCroneDivision Chief smccrone@pa.gov717-783-6910Federal Programs
Brian TruesdaleDivision Chief btruesdale@pa.gov717-214-5433Assessment and Accountability
Brian GasperDivision Chief brigasper@pa.gov717-783-6633Instructional Quality

Bureau of School Support 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Sabrina Lindsay
Oversight of Bureau
Carmen MedinaDivision Chief cmedina@pa.gov717-783-6466Student Services
Randy SeelyDivision Chief rseely@pa.gov717-705-0353Charter Schools
Carrie AndersonDivision Chief carranders@pa.gov717-214-8215Planning & Professional Dev.

Bureau of Special Education 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Carole Clancy, Ed.D.
Director caclancy@pa.gov717-783-6880Oversight of Bureau
Division Chief
717-772-1114Analysis & Financial Reporting
Sandy Zeleznik
Division Chief szeleznik@pa.gov717-395-5528
Monitoring & Improvement West
Shatarupa PodderDivision Chief spodder@pa.gov717-772-2646Monitoring & Improvement Central
​Katrina Sexton​Division Chief ​​215-744-1490​Monitoring & Improvement Phila.
Alyse WatsonDivision Chief alywatson@pa.gov717-439-9941Monitoring & Improvement East


Name Title Email Phone Roles
Scott KurenDirector skuren@pa.gov717-783-6469Safe Schools
Monica WashingtonDirector mwashingto@pa.gov717-783-6746School Services
Gina ColarossiDirector gicolaross@pa.gov717-783-9252Program Monitoring & Accountability
Abagail RoseDirector
abrose@pa.gov717-736-7053School Improvement