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Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Contact List  

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Jeffrey FullerDeputy Secretary jefuller@pa.gov717-772-4557Oversight of OESE
Carrie RoweAdvisor to Deputy Secretary carrowe@pa.gov717-783-6838Chief of Staff for OESE
Irma WagnerExecutive Secretary iwagner@pa.gov727-787-2127Office Manager

Bureau of Career and Technical Education 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Lee BurketDirector lburket@pa.gov717-783-6977Oversight of Bureau
Monique BurtonDivision Chief moburton@pa.gov717-346-3188Data Analysis, Assessment, & Contracts
Jean KelleherDivision Chief jekelleher@pa.gov717-783-6962Program Standards & Quality Assurances
Tamalee BrassingtonDivision Chief tbrassingt@pa.gov717-783-6972Adult & Postsecondary CTE

Bureau of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Brian CampbellDirector bwcampbell@pa.gov717-787-8913Oversight of Bureau
Susan McCroneDivision Chief smccrone@pa.gov717-783-6910Federal Programs
Brian TruesdaleDivision Chief btruesdale@pa.gov717-214-5433Assessment and Accountability
Brian GasperDivision Chief brigasper@pa.gov717-783-6633Instructional Quality

Bureau of School Support 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Amy LenaDirector alena@pa.gov717-783-4307Oversight of Bureau
Carmen MedinaDivision Chief cmedina@pa.gov717-783-6466Student Services
Randy SeelyDivision Chief rseely@pa.gov717-705-0353Charter Schools
Carrie Anderson(Acting) Division Chief carranders@pa.gov717-214-8215Planning & Professional Dev.

Bureau of Special Education 

Name Title Email Phone Roles
Carole ClancyDirector caclancy@pa.gov717-783-6880Oversight of Bureau
Del HartDivision Chief dehart@pa.gov717-772-1114Analysis & Financial Reporting
Amy Deluca
Division Chief amdeluca@pa.gov717-736-2650Monitoring & Improvement West
Shatarupa PodderDivision Chief spodder@pa.gov717-772-2646Monitoring & Improvement Central
​Katrina Sexton​Division Chief ​​215-744-1490​Monitoring & Improvement East
Alyse WatsonDivision Chief alywatson@pa.gov717-439-9941Monitoring & Improvement Phila.


Name Title Email Phone Roles
Scott KurenDirector skuren@pa.gov717-783-6469Safe Schools
Monica WashingtonDirector mwashingto@pa.gov717-783-6746School Services
Gina ColarossiDirector gicolaross@pa.gov717-783-9252Program Monitoring & Accountability
Abagail RoseDirector
abrose@pa.gov717-736-7053School Improvement