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​Private Academic School Application Due Dates and Scheduled Meetings of the Board

Private Academic Schools (PAS) application (initial application and supplemental applications) due dates and scheduled meetings of the State Board of Private Academic Schools is listed below. If the application is received by the due date, the school could be presented at the meeting of the State Board of Private Academic Schools directly cross under scheduled meetings.


​Application Due Date
​Scheduled Meeting of the State Board of PAS
July 21, 2023October 20, 2023
October 20, 2023January 19, 2024
This meeting has been changed from hybrid to virtual only due to inclement weather. Please contact for the virtual meeting link.
January 19, 2024April 19, 2024
March 22, 2024June 21, 2024
May 17, 2024August 16, 2024
July 19, 2024October 18, 2024

An application submitted for the initial licensure of a private academic school must be received by the School Services Office, Private Academic Schools, 90 days prior to a scheduled meeting (see above dates). This time is necessary for staff to carefully review the application packet, request inspection of the school site by the Department of Environmental Protection and conduct an onside evaluation (providing all necessary forms are submitted and correct). Please do not submit a partial or incomplete application, it will be returned, and the application fee is non-refundable.