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Private and Non-Public Enrollment (PNPE) Data Collection Procedures

The Private and Non-Public Enrollment (PNPE) system is a web-based application in which Pennsylvania’s private and non-public schools report students who were enrolled as of October 1 of the school year. Pennsylvania’s Private and Non-Public schools report student enrollment and other school information.

The following user groups have access to enter and/or submit data through PNPE;

  • PNPUser
  • IUUser
  • DiocesanUser
  • DicesanSchoolUser

User training documents are located at the bottom of the page after Support information.

User Manuals were created to provide assistance with the PNPE enrollment process. The User Manual was designed with step-by-step instructions, including screen shots, to provide quick and easy assistance throughout the data entry and submission process. It is highly recommended the User Manual be referenced during the data entry and data submission process.

Data Submission documents assist in the data entry and submission process. It is recommended that the data submission documents be used when preparing to enter data, and during the data entry and submission process.


School Program Help:
(717) 783-5146

PNPE Data Help:
(717) 787-2644


  1. Private and Nonpublic Schools Instruction Manual (PDF)​ - Step by Step Instructions for Data Entry and Submission
  2. Data Entry Checklist (PDF)​ - List of Required Information for PNPE Data Entry
  3. PNPE FTE Teacher Spreadsheet​ (Excel) - Calculates the Number of FTE's
  4. Search Screen Instructions (PDF)​ - Instructional Document for Diocesan and Intermediate Unit Users ONLY
  5. Support Email Addresses (PDF)​ - ​Printable Document with the support e-mail addresses
  6. Required PC Configuration and Alternatives (PDF) - Minimum System Requirements for Accessing PNPE Application