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ANNOUNCEMENT: If the school is still in operation, you must contact the school directly to obtain a copy of your transcript. Please review the list of Private Academic Schools that have closed.

School Services Office, Private Academic Schools Section can assist you in searching for a transcript if you graduated from a Private Academic School that received licensure from the Private Academic School Board and has closed (providing they sent transcripts to us for archiving). This does not pertain to prior students that attended and graduated from Nonpublic, Nonlicensed Schools (Operated by a Bona Fide Church or Religious Body). Please reach out to the Church the school was affiliated with. This does not pertain to PA Higher and Adult Education Correspondence, Career or Trade Schools, please contact the Division of Private Licensed Schools.  

If you graduated from a PUBLIC school, you must contact the school directly.  You can search the public school contact information using EdNA

Requesting a Transcript

NOTE: The Department of Education does not have diplomas. We only have transcripts that closed private academic schools sent to us for archiving.

Instructions:  Submit a written request to the School Services Office, Attn: PAS Transcripts, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333 or using the Division email at

  1. the name of student at time of graduation; 
  2. name of school;
  3. mailing address to send transcript; and
  4. $3.00 per copy, check or money order, made payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

If you are not the student or immediate relative of the student, please provide a release form with student's signature granting permission to the Department to release copy.

Please allow approximately four weeks to receive the requested copy.

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE HARRISBURG OFFICE FOR YOUR TRANSCRIPT you must send a request in writing or through email.

The transcripts are not housed in the office.

Catholic Schools

If the student graduated from a Catholic School and the school has closed, please contact the Diocese in which the Catholic school resided in.

If you are unable to locate the school on the list, or the school was not a Catholic school, we suggest that you contact the local school district in which the private school resided.