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Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG)

The Refugee School Impact Grant (RSIG) is a competitive federal grant which funds Pennsylvania's Refugee Education Program and local grantees. The primary goal of Pennsylvania's Refugee Education Program is to assist recently arrived refugee students and their families demonstrate a greater assimilation and integration into the school and community in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.

Pennsylvania's youth are the future success of the state. This grant addresses the unmet and emergent needs of recently arrived school-age refugee students (5-18 years of age) and the refugee families. The grant promotes out-of-school academic time and enrichment programs that will improve English fluency, support social adjustment, announce and disseminate information about/for refugees, and provides parent/family education and engagement.

Grantees of RSIG strive for a culturally competent transition to Pennsylvania and it's public education system that is comfortable for all serviced refugee students and their families. The goal of a seamless transition is to enable refugee students to adapt to a new and different cultural and linguistic environment.

The 2017-2018 grants will range in size depending on the scope of the program, extent of services, number of participants to be served and the special needs demonstrated by the refugee student population. Demonstrated collaboration will be a priority requirement of the potential grantee recipients: school districts, local education agencies (LEA), refugee resettlement agencies, and other community-based and nonprofit organizations. Refugee grant recipients must create a comprehensive, holistic approach to meeting the academic and social needs of refugee students and their families.

2018-2019 Refugee School Impact Grant Award Recipients