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​Division of Analysis and Financial Reporting

Division Chief, Dr. Del Hart (717) 772-1114
Education Administration Associate, Donald Dolbin (717) 783-6879
Clerk Typist III, Virginia Kobb (717) 787-8603
Clerk Typist III, Rome Oliver (717) 525-5353

​Function​Contact​Phone Number
​Approved Private Schools
Approved Private Schools Electronic Management System (APSEM)
Janette Fulton
Jessica Burkey
​(717) 425-5442
(717) 783-6906
​Contingency Funds​Janette Fulton​(717) 425-5442
​Data Collection, Management and PENN*DATA​Jodi Rissinger​(717) 783-6911
​IDEA-BHolly Fan
James Tobias
​(717) 346-9644
(717) 783-6925
​Instruction Conducted in the Home
​Janette Fulton
​(717) 425-5442
​Liaison to Advisory Council of the Deaf and Hard of HearingJanette Fulton​(717) 425-5442
​Liaison to Educational Resources for Children with Hearing LossJanette Fulton​(717) 425-5442
​Out of State Funding RequestsDr. Del Hart​(717) 772-1114
​Para-educatorsJanette Fulton
​(717) 425-5442
​School- Age IU Plan ReviewerJanette Fulton​(717) 425-5442
​School-Based Access Program​James Tobias​(717) 783-6925
​State Personnel Development GrantsJanette Fulton​(717) 425-5442