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Division of Monitoring and Improvement - East

Division Chief, Alyse Watson (717) 439-9941
Clerical Assistant III, Marcia Wilson (717) 736-7266

Single Point of Contacts for School Districts and Cyber/Charter Schools located within Intermediate Units (special education plans, compliance monitoring, and technical assistance):

Function Contact Phone Number
18, 19Gina Giovannini(717) 941-9363
20, 22Jill Condo(717) 982-9391
21, 24Byron Wiley(717) 724-7449
23, 25Carey Zeigler(717) 319-3904

Complaint Advisers for Intermediate Units:

Function Contact Phone Number
1-8, 27-28 (West Region)Sherri Campbell(717) 329-2251
9-17, 29 (Central Region)Casey Marsh(717) 903-2588
18-25 (East Region)Jeanette Alexander(717) 783-6882
26 (Philadelphia Region)Vacant 


Function Contact Phone Number
Follow-up Implementation of Due Process Hearing OrdersSherri Campbell(717) 329-2251
Management of Complaint Policies, Procedures & System and Liaison to Office for Dispute Resolution which includes Complaint Resolution, Mediation & Due Process Hearings.Alyse Watson(717) 439-9941