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​Division of Monitoring and Improvement - West

Division Chief, Sandy Zeleznik (717) 395-5528
Clerical Assistant II, Brittny Spencer (717) 886-5036

Single Point of Contacts for School Districts and Cyber/Charter Schools located within Intermediate Units (special education plans, compliance monitoring, and technical assistance):

FunctionContactPhone Number
IU 1, 2Kerry Hartman(717) 941-9373
IU 3Cortney Verner(717) 903-9738
IU 3Tyann Neal(717) 215-6212
IU 4Nancy Stanley(717) 914-8035
IU 5Erik Leamon(717) 395-6147
IU 6William Ferko(717) 877-6878
IU 7, 28Dawn Smith(724) 288-5371
IU 8Pat Haglund(717) 910-8125


FunctionContactPhone Number
RISCErik Leamon(717) 395-6147
RENEWTyann Neal(717) 215-6212
Statewide School District Special Education PlanSandy Zeleznik(717) 395-5528