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Special Education Plan Information

School District Special Education Plans

The school district's special education plan is an action plan that describes the local Board of School Director's commitment to ensure that a quality education will be provided to each of its students with a disability eligible for special education, over the upcoming three years. The content of the special education plan describes the special education program and services that are provided within a school district and those special education programs and services which are accessed by the school district from outside the school district's geographical boundaries.

Each school district shall develop a special education plan aligned with the strategic plan of the school district under § 4.13 (relating to strategic plans). The special education plan shall be developed every 3 years consistent with the 3-year review cycle of the strategic plan of the school district. The Secretary will prescribe the format, content and time for submission of the special education plan. (§14.104(a))

A special education plan reflects on going programs and services and incorporates anticipated changes in programming as a result of corrective action generated by the cyclical monitoring and improvement planning and other factors. The special education plan is completed by school districts in conjunction with the school district's strategic plan structure. The school district's special education plan is on a three year cycle which corresponds to the school district's strategic plan cycle so that the information in the special education plan can be applied to the school district's strategic plan, especially the professional education and induction programs.

Intermediate Unit Special Education Plans

Pennsylvania regulations in § 14.104(d) require all Intermediate Units to prepare annually and submit to the Secretary a special education plan specifying the special education services and programs to be operated by the intermediate unit, including equitable services provided consistent with 34 CFR 300.130—300.144 and subsection (b)(2)—(4), (6) and (7). Portions of the plans that do not meet the criteria for approval will be disapproved. Prior to disapproval, Department personnel will discuss disapproved portions of the plan and suggest modifications with appropriate intermediate unit personnel. Portions of the plan that are not specifically disapproved will be deemed approved.