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What is PENN*LINK?

PENN*LINK is the official electronic mail service for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Originally established in 1986 and now fully integrated with the Internet, PENN*LINK manages the delivery of e-mail among the Department of Education Local Education Agencies (LEAs): school districts, charter schools, intermediate units, and vocational technical schools/career and technology centers.

The PDE uses PENN*LINK to convey information rapidly and efficiently to LEAs. LEAs use PENN*LINK to gather information and correspond with PDE and each other.

PENN*LINK provides many statewide distribution lists making it easy for users to communicate with large or small targeted groups of LEAs across Pennsylvania.

PENN*LINK E-mail Lists (PDF)
PA Department of Education PENN*LINK Addresses (PDF)


All of Pennsylvania's local education agencies (LEAs) subscribe to the PENN*LINK service and access their e-mail regularly, usually in the main administrative office.

Recognizing its power to help them communicate quickly and inexpensively with LEAs, many education organizations, colleges of education, approved private schools, state agencies and other non-profit groups also subscribe to PENN*LINK.

There are more than 800 subscribers.

Note: Only 501c(3) nonprofit organizations with a genuine, ongoing need to communicate with PENN*LINK's audience may apply for PENN*LINK accounts.


Use of the PENN*LINK service requires an account.

In order to acquire a PENN*LINK account, you will need to have an Internet e-mail account and full Internet access. Your PENN*LINK e-mail will then be forwarded to that account. Cost for PENN*LINK's mail transfer services and access to PENN*LINK lists: $50/year/account*

*Prices are guaranteed through June 30, 2024. There is a one-time $25 setup fee for all new accounts.

PENN*LINK Guidelines

The following are guidelines that should be followed when sending a PENN*LINK message:

  • Must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a genuine ongoing need to communicate with PENN*LINK's audience.
  • Only authorized PENN*LINK accounts may send to the PENN*LINK distribution lists
  • All messages must be sent as plain text messages with no attachments. We suggest that you put formatted messages or attachments on your website with a link to it in your plain text email message.
  • Any PDE staff sending out messages must have them approved by the Press and Communications office before sending them out.
  • PENN*LINK should not be used for advocacies, political, or personal use (or promoting of non-education agenda). Inappropriate use will result in a first time warning and 2nd time possible removal of your entity's PENN*LINK account.
  • No offensive or inappropriate language.

Changes Needed to Your PENN*LINK Account

If you need to change the address to which your PENN*LINK email is forwarded, please notify the PDE PENN*LINK office by phone (717-787-1831) or e-mail Making such a change requires 2 - 3 days advance notice. 

Related Services

The Pennsylvania Department of Education web site provides information and online services for Pennsylvania school administrators, teachers, students, parents, taxpayers, school board members, legislators, businesses and members of the community. A PENN*LINK account is not needed to access the PDE web site.

For More Information

If you are interested in finding out more about PENN*LINK, or applying for an account, please contact:

PA Department of Education
Telephone: 717-787-1831

PENN*LINK represents a partnership between the PA Department of Education and the Pennsylvania State University's College of Agricultural Sciences.