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​Cyclical Monitoring Schedule for Gifted Education

22 Pa. Code Chapter 16

Date of Issue: May 11, 2009

Date of Review: April 2010


The purpose of this Circular is to outline the cyclical monitoring process for gifted education and to publish a monitoring schedule.


The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has the general supervisory responsibility to ensure all school districts are implementing educational programs for gifted students in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In order to fulfill this responsibility, PDE has established administrative procedures for monitoring of gifted education program implementation, including evaluating the appropriateness, effectiveness and accountability of gifted education services and programs.


PDE develops a schedule for gifted education monitoring during each school year. Ten school districts of varying size across the Commonwealth will be monitored. Additional monitoring reviews, if deemed appropriate, may be designated as the school year progresses.

The Monitoring for Gifted Education includes a Facilitated Self-Assessment (FSA) completed by the school district and an on-site visit by a PDE review team as per 16.6(d)(1). The on-site review team reviews the FSA submitted by the school district, conducts Interviews with administrators, teachers, students and parents, and verification activities of the information reported in the FSA.

Verification activities include file reviews of student documents, studies of service delivery and analysis of policies, procedures and outcomes as per 16.6(d) (2). The monitoring finding will be presented to the school district in a report following the onsite monitoring visit. School districts will have the opportunity to respond to the monitoring findings by participating in the development of improvement and/or corrective action plans as per sections 16.6(d) (3)-(4).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in complying with this state mandated requirement. PDE recognizes the time and effort required on the behalf of school districts to successfully participate in the monitoring process. The result of this effort will be a higher quality program for the children and families we serve.


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22 Pa. Code Ch​apter 16

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