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​Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) Meeting

22 Pa. Code Chapter 16

Date of Issue: May 11, 2009
Date of Review: April 2010


The purpose of this Circular is to clarify the function of the Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) team.


In the recent revision to Chapter 16, one major change was made insofar as which team determines a student’s eligibility for Chapter 16 services and supports. The eligibility determination will be made by the Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (GMDT), which, of course, includes the student’s parents.


The GIEP team develops the educational plan following the determination of eligibility for gifted support and services. As defined in Sections 16.1 and 16.21 (relating to definitions; and general), the GMDT shall determine eligibility for gifted support and services.

Each school district shall establish and implement procedures designed to ensure that the parents of the gifted student are provided an opportunity to participate in the development, review, and revision of GIEP. The procedures must include any one or combination of the following: documented phone calls, letters and certified letters with return receipts. The invitation to the GIEP meeting should provide the parent with the following information:

  1. The purpose, time and location of the meeting
  2. The names of the persons expected to attend
  3. The procedural rights available to protect the student and parent, in language which is clear and fully explains all rights
  4. The results of the GMDT meeting as to whether the student is gifted and a GIEP is required
  5. Notifying the parent and other persons who will be attending at least 10 calendar days in advance to ensure that the parent will have an opportunity to attend

The language in Section 16.22 (i) regarding the eligibility determination made by the GMDT may now be included in the invitation to further communicate the importance of parent participation in the GIEP meeting and development of the GIEP.


Pa. Code

22 Pa. Code Chapter 16

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