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​Subsidy Payments on Closed School Buildings

22 Pa. Code §349.28

Date of Issue: July 1, 2007
Replaces: Subsidy Payments on Closed School Buildings BEC 22 Pa. Code §349.28 issued July 1, 2007

Section 349.28, Closing of School Buildings, of the Department of Education School Building Standards requires school districts to notify the Department of Education prior to closing a school building for educational use.

The Department may, upon receipt of justification, authorize the continuation of school construction reimbursement payments if the closed school building is used by (1) a school district for district administration offices, or (2) an approved public charter school for educational use.

In the absence of Department authorization, reimbursement shall cease following the amortization payment which next falls due after the school building is closed for educational use.


Purdon's Statutes

24 P.S. §7-780

Department of Education School Building Standards

22 Pa. Code, § 349.28

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