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​Subsidy Payments on Closed , Repurposed, and Reconfigured School Buildings

22 Pa. Code §349.28

Date of Issue: March 31, 2020
Previous reviews:  July 1, 2018, July 1, 2007, July 1, 2018


This Basic Education Circular concerns the closing, repurposing, or reconfiguring of school buildings receiving Commonwealth reimbursement for debt service or authority rental payments.

  1. In accordance with State Board of Education Regulations, Section 349.28, school districts are required to notify the Department of Education prior to closing, re-purposing, and/or reconfiguring a school building for educational use.

  2. The Department may authorize the continuation of a school construction reimbursement subsidy if it is demonstrated that at least 50% of the closed school building's architectural area has been repurposed for PK-12 public school use, public charter school use, IU use, and/or for school district administration office use.  Absent the Department's authorization, a school construction reimbursement subsidy will cease following the amortization payment which next falls due after the school building is closed to educational use.


Purdon's Statutes

24 P.S. §7-780

State Board of Education Regulations

22 Pa. Code, § 349.28

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Division of School Facilities
Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management
Pennsylvania Department of Education
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