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​Student Enrollment FAQ

The following Questions and Answers are provided to assist parents, school districts and charter schools in the student enrollment process. This information is based on applicable school law and regulation and reflects procedures outlined in the recently revised Basic Education Circular (BEC) on Student Enrollment.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) revised its Student Enrollment policy and procedure in accordance with recent changes in federal and state law. School districts and charter schools were requested to publish enrollment policies and procedures which conform to the new BEC on their websites.

School law and regulation provide basic protections to ensure that students receive the education to which they are entitled, and that school districts and charter schools enroll those students who meet residency requirements and applicable requirements which apply to non-resident students. These Q&As provide basic answers to frequently asked questions in simple terms and are not intended to replace the Student Enrollment BEC or create any additional requirements. When in doubt as to the law or regulation, please consult the BEC, Chapter 11 Student Attendance Regulation and the PA Public School Code.


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