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Sterling Act Tax Credit

Section 503(b)(2) of the Taxpayer Relief Act requires each school district subject to Section 324 to certify to PDE the total amount of tax credits under Section 324(2) on or before December 15 of each year.

School districts that levied an earned income and net profits tax in 2022-2023 (except Philadelphia City SD) are to certify the tax credited to school district residents who are subject to the tax on 2022 wages, commissions, and other compensation imposed by the City of Philadelphia under the Sterling Act.

A school district that did not levy an earned income tax in 2022-2023 is not eligible for the credit on 2022 wages, commissions and other compensation. However, all school districts should file the certification with PDE even if there is no credit to report.

Using the Excel spreadsheet below, school districts should certify the following information to PDE by December 15, 2023:

  1. 2022 wages, commissions, and other compensation earned within the City of Philadelphia plus wages earned outside of Philadelphia but not taxed by the resident school district because of application of the Philadelphia wage tax credit and
  2. The school district's 2022-2023 earned income tax rate.