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Pennsylvania's future depends on the development of a highly skilled workforce able to compete in the global economy.

PAsmart is an initiative with the goal to expand inclusion in STEM and computer science teaching and learning, to help ensure students across Pennsylvania have the skills to meet the economic needs of the dynamic Pennsylvania economy.

PAsmart strategically invests resources in education and training opportunities to support Pennsylvania's economic growth now and in the future.

PAsmart Grants

Since 2018, over ​$60 million has been secured and strategically invested in education and workforce development through PAsmart. The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Board provided initial recommendations and approved the framework for the funding priorities. 

PAsmart grants support high-quality STEM and computer science learning and professional development opportunities to communities across Pennsylvania, including within early learning centers, libraries, out-of-school time providers, career and technical centers, post-secondary institutions, and K-12 schools. The department awarded over 475 PAsmart grants since the 2018-19 school year.

Grant Toolkit

​Advancing Grants

Up to $500,000 each, these grants are designed to support broad, cross-sector partnerships that are using ecosystem or networked approaches to:

    • expand access to CS/STEM education and promote inclusion (especially for historically underserved students and communities) through learning experiences such as integrative CS/STEM experiences, standalone CS/STEM courses, out-of-school learning, dual enrollment, industry credentials, work-based learning, internships, and apprenticeships;
    • expand and diversify the number of CS/STEM educators at all education levels.

Advancing Grants will support partnerships that operate on a larger scale and provide quality CS/STEM experiences to learners of any age (early childhood, preK-12, postsecondary, and adult learners) as part of a high-level strategic approach to CS/STEM workforce readiness.

View the recipients of the third round of PAsmart Advancing Grants (announced June 14, 2022).​​

Need Help or Have Questions?

Please email: for all inquiries about current or future PAsmart grants from PDE. Targeted Grant recipients, please continue to email