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​​Creating Tutoring Program for Adults Grant Applications in eGrants

For access to the eGrants system and the related grant opportunities, review Grant Requirements section in the Request for Grant Applications Guidelines Tutoring Program for Adults. Then,

  1. Log into your MyPDESuite
    1. Use yo​ur PA Keystone Login information. If you do not have a username, select “Register Username" on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. If you already have access to eGrants, skip to step 3. If you do not have access to eGrants through your MyPDESuite, follow these steps for eGrants Access.
  3. Log in to eGrants.
  4. Select Program Area “Adult Basic & Literacy Education" if necessary.
  5. Select Program Year 2024-2025.
  6. Select Grant Manager.
  7. Select Grant Profiles.
  8. Select the Pen/Paper icon on the right of the grant application name.
  9. Select Create Grant Application.
    1. The Grant Application Create Wizard Screen will appear.
    2. Continue to click next after entering the required data on each screen.
    3. Click finish on the last screen.​​​